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Teuntin Electrical Services is a BEE level 2 company that specialises in the supply, service & repair of Electric motors, Industrial Gearboxes, Pumps & Fans. You also benefit in other value added services such as Laser alignment, Balancing and Condition monitoring on site.

Our Service Offerings

An image of one our skilled Teuntin Electrical Services team


To ensure quality and reliability we balance Rotors, Impellers, Fans and sometimes Gears. We also balance components for clients.

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An image of one our skilled Teuntin Electrical Services team

Condition Monitoring

Condition monitoring is essential in today’s preventative maintenance environment. This condition monitoring entails routine…

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Teuntin Offers Laser Alignment


Installations commonly need to be aligned in order to avoid vibrations and premature component failure. Laser Alignment is the most accurate method.

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Teuntin Offers Load Testing Of Pumps

Load Testing of Pumps

We use state of the art, calibrated pump load testing facilities. This allows us to compare pump performance such as power, flow pressure & efficiency.

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Our Product Offerings

An image of an Electric Motor

Electric Motors

These alternating current (AC Induction Motors) or direct current (DC Motors) machines convert electrical energy into mechanical energy.

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An image of an Industrial Fan


Fans are mainly used for extraction, ventilation and cooling in industry and mining. Types of fans include axial, centrifugal and more.

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An example of an electric pump


Pumps operate via many energy sources, including manual operation, electric motors, pneumatic, magnetic, petrol engines and more.

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An image of an indusrial gearbox

Industrial Gearboxes

Gearboxes are used in industrial machines & are the heart of many industrial processing machines and convert motor speed & torque.

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An image of an Armature

DC Motors

These motors are used in applications where high torque and/or variable speeds are required. They are relatively smaller in size to the equivalent…

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An image of an electrical brake

Electric Brakes

To stop rotational movement normally by mechanical force (pressure) with springs or weights applied to friction discs and cylinders

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