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An image of a skilled Teuntin staff member doing Conditioning Monitoring

Condition Monitoring

Condition monitoring is essential in today’s preventative maintenance environment. This condition monitoring entails routine vibration checks on respective machines. Thereby the maintenance engineer has reliable insight into the condition of the equipment…

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Teuntin Electerical Services Conforormance Check

Conformance Check

Many rotating machines fail due to unacceptable vibration. Conformance checking gives an unskilled person a simple pass or fail indication as to whether a machine is within vibration limits.

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An image of a killed Teuntin Core Test

Core Testing

Core testing for quality and reliable repair of an electric motor is essential. This test determines if the motor core has retained its magnetic operating efficiency and if there are any short circuits or hot spots in the core. The main reason that a motor loses efficiency (iron loss).

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An image of a skilled Teuntin Electrical Service staff member doing a load test of a pump

Load Testing of Pumps

We have state of the art, calibrated pump load testing facilities. This allows us to compare pump performance such as power, flow, pressure and efficiency against specification.

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A skilled Teuntin staff member perfoming Dynamic Balancing

Dynamic Balancing

To ensure quality and reliability we balance Rotors, Impellers, Fans and sometimes Gears. We also balance components for clients. Our balancing machine has a 1 metric ton, 1.5m diameter swing and 2.3m length capacity. .

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An image of a skilled Teuntin Staff member perfoming Laser Alignment

Laser Alignment

Laser alignment is the precision approach for ensuring true alignment and positioning of industrial machinery. In many instances, mainly at the client’s premises.

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A Teuntin member perfoming some Machining and Engineering work on a lathe.

Machining & Engineering

Machining comprises engineering work on various parts belonging to pumps, motors, gearboxes, shafts and fans. Repairing or remanufacturing of shafts, end-shields, wear-rings, volutes, bearing housings and general engineering…

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A Skilled staff member rewinding an electric motor


Rewinding of AC stators and rotors, DC field coils and armatures, multispeed single and three phase motors, crane, vibrator, compressor motors, electric brakes and coils is done by staff with more than 20 years experience.

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A staff member of Teunin doing some sandblasting.

Sand Blasting

Many times we receive for repair items that need to be comprehensively cleaned. We therefore have a complete and well equipped sandblasting facility. Before items are stripped, they get sandblasted and coated with a layer of red oxide primer.

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